9 Common Living Room Interior Design Layout Mistakes To Avoid

We all know that home interior design can be quite a hassle, and for someone with absolutely no experience, this can simply be a breaking point. However, there are a few things you can do (as well as avoid) to make your interior design process a seamless and happy one. But before we look at living room mistakes, let's first have a quick look at our living room design checklist:

9 Must-Haves For Your Living Room Interior Design Checklist

Comfortable Sofa Set

Your living room is incomplete without a sofa set. It's the place where you hang out and make memories. So, ensure that you choose a sofa set that hugs your space effortlessly and makes a statement.

Complimenting Coffee Table

As much as you need a sofa in your living room, it's also important to get a coffee table to go with it. This adds aesthetic value to your space and helps break the design into sections.

Decor To Accentuate The Walls

The interior design scope for your living room walls is endless. You can try your hands at 3D decor, wall art, vinyl art, family portraits, mirrors or simply wall-mounted frames and shelves.

A Focal Centrepiece Like Chandelier Or 3D Art

Your wall decor isn't enough to bring your space together. A focal point for your living room can start with a chandelier, a statement decor piece on your coffee table or simply a larger-than-life canvas on the wall overlooking your modular TV unit.

Add Biophilic Decor

This is a given and with your work coming indoors, it's safe to say that indoor plants and biophilic decor like a moss frame can make your living room a safe haven.

Patterned Decorative And Throw Pillows

A bare sofa looks like a lifeless piece in your living room. Hence, it's important to add a touch of character with decorative throw pillows that complement the look of your entertainment space.

Comfy And Soft Rugs

Adding a touch of cosiness and comfort to your space can help bring a sense of belonging to your living room. You can do so with a soft and minimalist faux fur rug or simply one that matches the visual appeal of your home.

Drapes And Curtains To Add Character

Drapes and curtains are known to add character to your living space. This is also how you can introduce some colour into the living room. Depending on where you live and what design style you choose, your drapes can be sheer, solid, thermal or light-blocking; the choice is yours.

Natural Lights And Soft Lights

Designing a living room with large French windows or a balcony is an experience on its own. Introduce natural lighting through these avenues and when all fails, feel free to add a touch of warmth with soft ambient lighting around your home.

And now that you know what your living room designs must include, here are some classic mistakes you can avoid to make your living room more breathable, comfortable and ambient for you and your guests.

9 Common Living Room Mistakes To Avoid

Restricting The Room With Wrong Space Planning

Choosing the wrong sized sofa set, coffee table and rug, improper lighting, neglected wall space and a lot more can add to making your living room design a disaster. You can undo your wrongs and get rid of these living room interior mistakes.

Start by visualising how you want your room to look, a mental picture is a great start point in understanding how your space would look like. Next, look into what your fixed furnishings are going to be and what space you'd like to designate for them. Whilst you are at it, ensure that you keep the right distance between your seating arrangements.

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